Sheeptown Fat Tire Debacle is Ready to Get Outta Hand

Sheeptown Fat Tire Rally ….. “Low key but hard core”

In its second year we are already refining the formula and bringing the valley some good times, outlandish events, beer (of course), live music (punk, folk, country, some other stuff classified as “conscious cacophony”, and some other bits) and a lot of good riding.

This is pretty simple and is going to go fast yet seem like it lasted an eternity so pay attention:

Thursday June 19: Northern Utah Drag Nationals and Dirty Bird’s Southern BBQ on the skids

Where:  Powerhouse Bike Shop N 1st Ave in Hailey (turn east at the Sinclair station one block then go north on N 1st Ave)

Starts:  7:00 p.m. with a BBQ and sign in.  Drag races to start at 8:00 p.m.

Entry:  $15 this includes the BBQ and all of the beer you can pour into your face.  100% pay back on entry fees in the form of prize money and food/beer.  So yes, someone will win some cash.

Event Deets:  Drag Nationals….head to head races dragging a log 50 meters.  Standard single elimination bracket with the consolation round to be determined in a round of log throwing.  Logs will be lit on fire for the finals. Possibly even the quarter finals depending.  Here is what this will look like:

note:  Not necessarily to scale.  Another note:  bring a bike you feel is worthy of dragging logs.

Friday June 20th:  Hebrew National One Handed Hot Dog Hill Climb World Championships

This is “Complayna” modeling perfect HDHCTT form.  No, apparently I did not invent this event, but this is the World Championships.  SO there!  Calling all Bummerlifer’s!!!!!!



Where:  Wiseguy Pizza on a secret course that involves some climbing.  Not too much because this is a FARCA endorsed event. 

More:  Live music on the patio all evening with Hard Cold Rain playing hard core bluegrass on punk.  (Right Dan?)

When:  Race start is at 8:00 p.m. sharp!  1 minute intervals riders will go off.

Why:  Cuz we said so.

Are You Serious?  yes. Quite.  Riders will be given a nice warm hotdog in a bun.

Deets:  Riders will depart at one minute intervals with a hot dog in hand from the front of Wiseguy.  From there riders will ride a short local hill maintaining perfect hot dog one handed form.  Fastest rider wins.  Simple!

Awards:  Awards and general raucous celebration will take place at the Wiseguy following the event. 

Saturday June 21

South Valley Epic

When:  Meet at the Powerhouse on N 1st Ave at 10:00 a.m.

What:  We will ride a loop of numerous local trails with shorter options possible as the ride loops back through town and local county roads.  Mellow pace, good singeltrack and a lot of fun!

Music:  Damphools will be playing at Fresshies at 9:00 or as soon as we can scare the dinner crowd away.

Sunday June 22

This event is to be announced pending exploration of the local north valley trails this weekend and the snow situation.  Please check back in with us!!!!!


One Response to “Sheeptown Fat Tire Debacle is Ready to Get Outta Hand”

  1. chopper here is the tunes schedule

    Thurs. Bifurcated monkey
    Hard Cold Rain
    Piers Lamb (maybe) at powerhouse

    Friday: Piers Lamb
    Dan-O and the Nobodies at wiseguy

    Sat: Damphools at fresshies

    let me know if you know of anyone else who wants to play. they have to try hard, they don’t have to play well. i will spread the word about sheeptown whilst in the big city this weekend.

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